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Wholesale Supplier Registration

Suppliers play an essential role in the operations of retailers and resellers. If you supply quality products that can benefit our whole ecosystem, we invite you to register with Merchminer.

Before completing the Supplier Registration we draw your attention to f our Code of Ethics. Merchminer does not list

  • Alcoholic products,
  • Adult (including pornographic) material or products,
  • Gambling Industries or related products or
  • any other restricted, illegal or unethical products in our database.

Therefore if your products falling into these categories (some exceptions may apply),  we can not offer you services. Merchminer will acknowledge your submission within 24 hours. Submission of a completed Supplier Registration and our acknowledgement of receipt does not confirm approval status on any supplier. All information received will be treated in the strictest confidence but may be disclosed to any part of MerchMiner for the purposes of supplier evaluation. You may receive an email or a call from us. If you have any questions prior to submission, please contact

Merchminer has two primary categories for which you can register.

  1. Listing your company's details by product categories or product keywords (without Product Feed, or Pricing Information)

Your company will be shown under supplier database but won’t be included in price comparison. This is comparable to in a way of searching. Users can find your company but they won’t see your pricing information invariably this will limit the number of inquiries you receive.

  1. Listing your company with full Product Feed information.

With this listing you must regularly update your inventory level and pricing information. This also allows resellers to easily incorporate your products onto their online store.

  • Ideal for wholesale suppliers to scale up their distribution channels. Option to list your products on
  • Product feed format we accept: Tab delimited (tab-separated ) TXT or CSV file, XML file

How does Merchminer access your product feed?

Several options are available:

  1. Provide us the location  URL  of your data feed so we can rescan your feed weekly.
  2. Email us your data feed to
  3. Share a dropbox folder to access your product feed.

Your Product Feed must include:

  1. Product ID
  2. Product Name
  3. Category Name
  4. Short Description
  5. Price (USD or AUD)
  6. Shipping Cost & Details
  7. Image URL (No Watermarked Images)

In addition Merchminer recommends that the following is also included:

  1. Product URL
  2. SKU
  3. Detailed Description
  4. Brand
  5. Model

Supplier Registration