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 What is MerchOmniCommerce?


MerchOmniCommerce is a

  • Structured one-on-one strategic and practical business coaching, mentoring and consulting throughout the entire period of service.
  • Business Advisory Service (at a practical level) for operators in Import-Export Trade.
  • Practical & Targeted Consultancy for Individual business people.
  • Creates your cutting edge platforms and templates to sell products on the internet, educates you how to run them.
  • Provides access to an enormous, real-time and relevant database of Profitable Products.
  • MerchOmniCommerce provides a dedicated global industry expert with decades of practical experience to work with you, on your business, until you become the master of your business.
  • MerchOmniCommerce confidently guides you through the complexities and barriers of international trade, providing you with the technical and commercial skills required.

 What makes MerchOmniCommerce unique?

  • As the inventor of Ease of Trading Metrics and profitability calculator (the world’s first profitable products database) the MerchMiner organisation is in the unique global position to deliver knowledge and assistance for start-up businesses seeking to establish a profitable trading organisation.
  • MerchOmniCommerce is the perfect combination of technical and business expertise, supported by the strong academic background of our team.
  • Privileged access to the MerchMiner profitable products database allows you to take the guesswork out of product market research and analytics.
  • Our trusted team in China can provide – as needed – skilled Chinese-speaking professionals to negotiate on your behalf.

 Who can benefit from MerchOmniCommerce?

  • Anyone who is passionate about creating a profitable trading business, either as a start-up or enhancing an existing operation. These may be entrepreneurs, retirees, investors, or professionals looking for additional income.
  • Those who want to take the risk and guesswork out of on -line trading and sourcing goods from overseas.
  • Existing business people seeking to enhance their knowledge and abilities in international trade.

 Features of MerchOmniCommerce

MerchOmniCommerce is like a smorgasbord of options, with the client specifying what assistance they require. Included in our monthly fee plan are the following if required.

  • Creation of your own business brand, logo and slogan to fit your business ambitions
  • Set up your own online shop with your unique domain name with hosting included.
  • Set up your social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to support your e-commerce presence and educate you how to use them.
  • Business cards and stationery design.
  • Set-up your multi-channel sales platforms such as eBay and Google Shopping.
  • Provide up to 100 profitable items from any category you select with minimum 50% profit opportunities (depending on your plan).
  • Work in your business with you to help you achieve your goals
  • Provide on-demand Coaching Services to boost your business.
  • Your hands on import-export, procurement, e-commerce, and marketing consultant.

Optionally we are able to provide the following additional services in a cost-effective manner, and with the confidence that you have trusted people working for you overseas.

  • Your procurement department in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong to negotiate the best terms on your behalf.
  • Follow up of your orders, make phone calls to suppliers and chase them up for rapid transactions. Your Quality Assurance department for your products from China, Taiwan and Hong Kong (see MerchInspect services)
  • Provision of Competitor Intelligence Services (recommended for extremely competitive markets)

 MerchOmniCommerce Program Structure

MerchOmniCommerce is THE highly interactive, contemporary, internationally-focused tool to make you the Master of your Import-Export and Online Business. It replaces the hit-and-miss approach used by many trading businesses. MerchOmniCommerce incorporates the following:

  • International Business
  • Import-Export
  • Cross-Cultural Relationships
  • Doing Business in China (product sourcing in China)
  • Inbound Marketing (landing pages – Google ads – Facebook ads – email marketing)
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Branding (differentiating your business from others and standing out)
  • Business Process Improvements- Productivity Hacks
  • Online Business Strategy (best platforms to sell your products)
  • Logistics-Dropshipping
  • Finding Profitable Products using MerchMiner® Profitable Products Database
  • Targeting your Audience and Buyer Behavior

 How to apply to join the MerchOmniCommerce Program?

You are encouraged to attend one of our free introductory seminars, followed by a complementary one-on-one information session with us. If you are unable to attend a seminar you can book a phone appointment by calling (08) 8177 0316 or email us at:

Please click here to visit our upcoming events page for the next event information near your city.

 Communication with your Business Coach?

  • A personal Account Manager / Business Coach is allocated to each client.
  • A weekly one-on-one telephone or video conference session is scheduled with your allocated coach (conference times are based on your plan)
  • In addition you may call or email your coach at other times if you have an urgent question.
  • If needed, we will use remote access to show you actions on your screen as we talk.
  • We can also provide pre-recorded on-demand online tutorials for given topics.
  • Prompt email support is provided

 Important Note:

  • MerchMiner® is an information and business intelligence provider, not a merchandise retailer or wholesaler.
  • MerchMiner® does not buy or sell any tangible or physical products
  • MerchMiner® does no trading of the products listed in our database; we simply provide information regarding these products
  • MerchMiner® provides business intelligence tools together with educational and hands-on, on-the-job training to help you succeed in your business.


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