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Why you need a quality inspection in China?

When using Chinese manufacturers, it is in your best interest that you are sure that you are satisfied with the product or products you paid for. One way to assure quality is to make random inspections on the assembly line. Some benefits of conducting Quality inspection in China include:

  • Ensuring the final product’s quality is satisfactory.
  • Finding unavoidable flaws with the process of production and identifying potential trouble spots or malfunctions.
  • Approximating the number of defective products.
  • Ensuring that product works properly, especially if your product is electronic.
  • Ensuring that the packaging is satisfactory and that the product and shipping labeling are correct.

Before your product is packaged and put inside of export containers, it often undergoes a final quality assurance test. Know that you can call for a quality check up to the moment that the product is shipped. With so many foreign companies offering inspection services for Chinese made products before export, you may not want to handle the final inspection yourself. Many of these agencies are reputable and reliable, employing professional inspectors who attentively inspect finished products. Inspections can be done at any Chinese manufacturing site. You can even schedule a quality check at the shipping dock or a shipment forwarding sites.

Quality inspection in China

Here’s what to expect from a quality inspection:

  • A check of the finished product’s general appearance, including its color.
  • A review of the product’s design.
  • A check of the product’s functions and performance to determine that it is working properly.
  • A check of the product’s packaging, including the company logo, labeling and art work.
  • A check of the product’s weight and freight.
  • Making sure the product’s measurements are to the declared specifications.
  • Making sure the product’s freight volume is that of the declared volume.
  • A review of each container’s packaging and shipping labels.
  • Conducting any other checks or tasks the client requests.

Professional inspectors conduct what is called an acceptance quality limit (AQL). An AQL checks the finished product’s quality to verify that it meets the expectations that the client has set. It inspects a product sample that best illustrates the overall shipment. When an AQL is complete a report is given to the client for their acceptance or rejection. In the instance of online purchase orders, a client has the option of canceling online should the finished product vary from the predetermined requirements should the inspection report reveal any inconsistencies.

Why Quality Inspection in China is Important

Spending a little extra money for professional quality inspections just may save you a lot more money in the end if you happen to receive defective product. Different countries, companies and markets have different quality requirements. Meticulously checking freight practically gets rid of negligent errors and incorrect information. It is highly unlikely that the manufacturer’s representatives or the suppliers will be fully honest and transparent regarding information pertaining to your product; so, it is to your company’s benefit to construct a list detailing your requirements and concerns and hire a reputable quality inspector or inspection agency before your product is exported.