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Quality Consistency and Business Success

When foreign companies and cooperation projects first began doing business in China, quality took on a new importance. This new standard in quality prompted the implementation of organized and professional quality control. In order to have your product meet your set requirements and expectations, you will want to consider a quality consistency inspection.

Quality control in China to ensure consistency

Once western investors began doing business in China, both sides began experiencing exponential economic growth. Improvements and modifications in China’s industrial development and swelling consumer demand have caused many businesses to employ concepts like six sigma techniques, kaizen philosophy, and other options to improve production management and other processes. Importing products from China wasn’t initially thought to be an answer, since many Chinese products don’t meet the western consumer’s expectations. Recently, companies in countries like Australia have experienced a surge in interest regarding product improvement and developing quality control in China.


Getting clients the product they expect means that the supplier must grasp the difference in quality assurance and quality control. Quality control concerns the actual product, while quality assurance looks at the production process. When both investors and upper-level management understand the two concepts, creating a proper production strategy will likely lead to a satisfactory finished product that meets quality expectations. The rapid increase of China’s population with larger disposable incomes has increased consumer demand for various goods and services. It is no secret in many western countries that the larger majority of imported products and goods are from China. This is why investors and businesses must employ appropriate quality expectation strategies that keep in mind allotted time and available finances to satisfy their customer base.

But how is production quality assured? Outlining the production process, implementing requested requirements and conventions and reporting and documenting the production process can all contribute to assuring the quality of your product. Staying ahead of the production process and making sure your supplier has a detailed record of your specifications can minimize the likelihood of problems with the quality of your product. Remember, accurate and thorough communication, both written and oral, is a must. Don’t forget to talk contingency plans. Discuss potential risks and resolutions.

In contrast, quality control is all about achieving satisfactory quality in the final product. It encompasses labeling, packaging, artwork, and more using various procedures prescribed by control guidelines and their corresponding code.

Foreign companies have proven that moving production overseas is profitable. Although labour costs are inexpensive in China, knowing that the dissimilarity between backgrounds, cultures and language poses a challenge, but can be overcome to your benefit. To minimize misunderstandings and the risk of defective products, it is vital to create a thorough strategy that specifically addresses quality management. Quality products can increase the company’s customer base and encourage customer loyalty while also improving the company image, all of which produce positive outcomes for stakeholders.