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We use a variety of techniques to collect raw unprocessed data including:

  • Data Mining
  • APIs

We also return the processed, categorized and summarized data in a format that is useful and relatable.

With our Procurement Intelligence Service we can help you:

  • Identify new market opportunities
  • Manage efficient negotiations
  • Make better purchasing decisions
  • Identify and eliminate or minimize supply chain risks

What actually is ‘market intelligence’?

‘Market intelligence’ is the facts that are relevant to company’s markets which have been distinctly collated and evaluated with the goal of allowing precise and confident decision-making when defining market opportunities and market improvement metrics

Our business intelligence tools will help decision makers with pertinent processes, technologies, applications and practices. Our market intelligence includes the collection of data from outside the business, such as API partners, in contrast to the business intelligence process, which is mostly based on our internal recorded measures.

Combining both market and business intelligence enables us to formulate the complete picture, incorporating ongoing trading performance in a given set of market conditions.