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Q: What is the source of MerchMiner data?  
A: The MerchMiner system is sophisticated.   We can’t give a quick answer to this question because we work with the world’s most popular ecommerce platforms and online stores to acquire raw data (usually supplied via APIs or special arrangements) before we start our analysis. We also acquire raw data from different Government agencies around the world as well as trustworthy international third party data suppliers.

The MerchMiner (patent pending) system is the most sophisticated platform in the market that can provide profitable products feasibility calculations using Ease of Trading Metrics to simplify and speed up decision-making processes for merchants and procurement departments.  

In other words, the final intelligence provided through the MerchMiner system is a combination of many different inputs and algorithms.

Q: How accurate is the data? 
A: The level of accuracy depends upon on the user’s subscription plan.  A platinum package will have the highest accuracy simply but comes at a higher cost to the subscriber because the additional filtering process and resources MerchMiner implements to improve accuracy increases our costs. Accuracy of data therefore varies between 80% and 99%.

Based on the subscriber’s plan, we have enabled an option to request manual review of provided data. After data has been purchased the user selects “Purchased Data” and the “Product Detail” view, then requests to “Verify this information”. By selecting this option, purchased data will be examined and tested by our team with confirmation of the test results supplied to the customer within 24 hours.

For legal reasons, we are unable to disclose information about our raw data providers. MerchMiner is an independent business intelligence provider and have no affiliation with any of its data providers.