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This 2 hour workshop is for people who want to learn about:

  • How does Import-Export business work, advantages and disadvantages of Import-Export?
  • How to sell online?
  • How are ebay sellers able to sell at such a low price? How can I make any profit?
  • What is drop shipping? Why it doesn't work in Australia?
  • How to build an online business and how to operate?
  • How to do ninja marketing for my online store, eBay or Amazon store?
  • How to source products from overseas and why Alibaba is not a great source for merchants?
  • I have an idea and need a Factory to produce for me, how to go about OEM production?
  • Expert tips about Importing from China, common problems with Chinese suppliers, problems with quality and how to do stress free business in China.
  • How and what we can Export from Australia to China?
  • How can we sell Australian products to Chinese consumers?


Event Host: Deniz Subasi, Founder & CEO of

Author of "Practical Advice How to Do Business in China" (Available on Amazon)

how to do business in China Deniz Subasi