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How MerchMiner Works

  1. MerchMiner's algorithm collects millions of product information and after sophisticated processes; it delivers needed data in simplest format so you can easily browse thousands of profitable products with high profit margins in our profitable products database. Easily find out what sells best online to earn the most profit. Firstly, our database shows the products that have been sold online and ranks them on the number of sales. This is called ‘Sales Rank.’ But high Sales Ranking doesn’t necessarily mean high profit!
  2. MerchMiner averages the sale price of items and lists them. You can search a keyword or a category to find pricing information for specific goods’ purchase information. Please note that we rely solely on actual sales and prices we’ve obtained, not current prices of goods for sale. Items must be sold at known prices to be entered into the algorithm.
  3. Our database holds up-to-date information from manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors worldwide on millions of products and their pricing. Our profitable products database is updated daily.
  4. Our profitable products database helps your decide what to sell online and calculates the costs (purchase price, transportation costs, import duties etc.) associated with importing goods to your country.
  5. A ‘Feasibility Calculation’ estimates which items you have identified will give you the highest profit.
  6. Our algorithm establishes which goods are the most financially feasiblebefore comparing them to the highest ranked goods on the  ‘Best Selling Products’ list.
  7. MerchMiner is intended to calculate what products have been yielding the highest profit in the last 30 days. The system then gives the products yielding the highest profits the highest rankings, which are then added to the ‘MerchMinerRank.’

For example:

1,000 units of product X sold in the last 30 days, with a profit of $10 per unit. 900 units of product Y sold in the last 30 days, with a profit of $15 per unit. 800 units of product Z sold in the last 30 days, with a profit of $20 per unit.
Total Profit of Product X is $10.000
Total Profit of Product Y is $13.500
Total Profit of Product Z is $16.000
Average Daily Profit for Product X  is $333
Average Daily Profit for Product Y  is $450
Average Daily Profit for Product Z  is $533
MerchMinerRank #1 is Product Z
MerchMiner Rank #2 is Product Y
MerchMiner Rank #3 is Product X

The MerchMiner profitable products database is changing the way businesses are selling online. 

Our data eliminates taking chances on products that aren’t selling or turning a profit. With our profitable products database, you'll find out what sells best online and the most profitable products to sell online.

The ranking algorithm is very simple at this point. However, in the near future other factors like product practicality, the level of support after the sale, transit time, lead time of production, seasonal variations, warehousing costs, recommended pricing and more, will be added to the equation.


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MerchMiner Commercial API Access

MerchMiner API is powerful and easy to integrate. With just a few lines of code you can embed our powerful APIs in your website. MerchMiner can provide a full range of services and deliver insights into merchandise pricing and sales information from around the world.

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