Here we go, we are talking again and again about communication and how you and your supplier understand each other. Let me emphasize again, China is a country of communication chaos and it is all up to your intercultural competence level to handle the ambiguity.

When dealing in China do not rely on common-sense attribute. Remember you’re dealing in a Country when “Yes” means; yes-no-maybe-not sure-possible. It is crucial in the communication and order control that you understand your supplier and vice versa.

It is possible to a large extent that the control points are overemphasized with the China supplier, leading to unintended results.

When communicating with your supplier emotional emails and calls can be overbearing in giving a feedback to the Chinese suppliers. Keep this in your mind when dealing with your Chinese partner; they absolutely hate to be told what to do especially from Westerners and people with lower authority.

This approach leads to certain unintended consequences in order-control and the project can go from OK to DISASTER.

Not paying enough attention on details

Giving excessive emphasis about a particular area of concern can very likely achieve the requests with the plant. It’s also possible that the supplier focuses on other areas of concern at the same time.

For an example; it’s possible for them surely to get the size right but the functions needn’t be necessarily according to the agreed features. Don’t be surprise when you go back and tell the problem to your supplier and he replies you “but you didn’t say it is important”. Focusing on one area and thinking rest is common sense anyway may give you a big headache in China.

You have to keep very well balance and repeat yourself about almost everything but not only most important things. So that other areas doesn’t get lost in value of importance.

Factories in the low-cost realm are not efficient enough at keeping a wide and general control in mind. Once they are nervous regarding a particular aspect they think wrongly that the particular aspect is the only one of major importance. Far and most important point for Chinese manufacturer is to complete your order and ship it out but how to complete the order and what will happen there after is not a big concern because they usually have a list of thousand common excuses ready waiting for you.


What to do when dealing in China?

Be friendly and empower your partner, legitimately inform your supplier that they are being left in charge for general control. This empowers them greatly. The supplier should never be shown that the client is nervous as this makes them nervous as well and the project can become an absolute failure

Do not deal with manufacturer directly if you don’t have the working experience in China. Hire a local and trustworthy person or agent to follow up your order. Or stay there and visit to factory every day until your goods came out in order how you want them to be produced.