Preparation is what can most affect the chances of success, most notably when China is where partnering groups happen to be from. A well informed feasibility study is very important to provide confidence in the planned project, especially since the market of China is predicted to have a large amount of future potential.

What is expected from the project should correspond with a reasonable amount of time needed to meet the desired goals. A proper investigation of the workability of the project is essential before the project plan should be allowed to continue. The reason for the investigation is to provide assurance about the likelihood of success that will come from the project. Even with the high potential in the Chinese market, it is still unpredictable, which is why the investigation is so important. The study is very affordable and can predict if the project will be worth the time and finances that will be implemented into it.

The investigation will provide information such as:

  • The likelihood of the success of the project
  • Possible financial gains
  • Prediction of costs and possible profits gained in return
  • If the project is worth authorizing

An accurate investigation will offer information about opportunities within a certain market as opposed to the costs that will be implemented. At the present time, the market in China has a large number of opportunities for investors to make profitable gains. However, the opportunities may come with situations that could largely damage a business.  A study of the durability and the profits of a business will determine if the deal is worth the investment. The investigation will need to include a study of all aspects of the project and its possible gains and losses.


Examination of an idea is the beginning step in the investigation of the workability of the project. In the first part of the investigation, the study of the vital framework of a project is important and should include:

  • A judgment of the size of the market that has been selected
  • Examination of  possible short and long term gains from the project
  • The likelihood of independent assistance from other groups involved in the project
  • Estimation of the central prerequisite
  • Available points of supply for efficient business activity management
  • Record of the history of the proposed project and their resulting outcomes

The second step in examination of the market requires the investor to focus on selected portions of the framework such as:

  • Taking a look at the need for the product or service that the project will be offering compared to its possible growth
  • Examination of situations that may help or harm the project to determine the correct timing for the introduction of the service or product
  • Detailed study of possible means of distribution and how they can balance the supply and demand of the service or product

A well detailed study will include the threats and opportunities that the project may face. When working with products from China, there is huge competition in all markets. Therefore, the examination of the usefulness of the project will focus on points such as

  • Comparing other competitors' services or products to the proposed product or service
  • What is offered by the investor that will gain interest from consumers
  • Predicted market barriers and ways to avoid them
  • Investigation of prior successful ventures

In the final part of the investigation of workability of the project, the investor must study the financial workability. A proper prediction of future sales, while being sure to be realistic about the market for a service or product, is important, seeing as any business survives on sales. Analysis of possible profits, startup costs, and the like will be included in the final step.

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