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How listing analytic applications can help you are selling on ebay

Having a system for listing goods for the purpose of selling on ebay is a key component to boosting your sales. Ebay offers and maintains the Listing Analytics application that covers basic analytical needs. This application helps sellers to keep an eye on the effectiveness of specific listings as it relates to visibility, clicks/views and sales volume. The analysis allows sellers to create or reconfigure their ebay selling strategy according to what’s working and what’s not.

selling on ebay-analytics

When selling on ebay this tools puts some pretty amazing information at your fingertips and mouse clicks. You can:

  • Receive daily tips and updates so you can take advantage of selling opportunities.
  • Monitor the rank of keywords or terms as they appear in the search results, sort the results according to the formats and columns, and track the performance of individual listings.
  • Get detailed conclusions that show click stats, impression volume and sales data so you can better understand consumer preferences.
  • See how individual listings compare to the top five listings sharing the same price.
  • Review clicks, impressions and sales from the previous 30 days.

There is an Ebay owned company called Terapeak it is a market research tool for online sellers but it doesnt tell you the profitablity ratios or any supplier information like Merchminer does. Terapeak gives you nice graphical information but in the end you spend too much time and still cannot get to the bottomline if you wan to know what to sell and where to buy it.

The Listing Analytics application is not only great for analyzing individual listings, but also for multi-quantity listings. You’ll be able to handle multiple sales using single listing methods. It allows you to use an auction-style listing for an individual item for a fixed price as long as the listing is relisted with updated inventories.