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Deniz Subasi is an expert of eCommerce, business intelligence systems and import-export strategies. He has extensive knowledge and experience from many years of building and growing businesses throughout the globe. Deniz specializes in Chinese joint ventures, manufacturing, procurement, cross-cultural management and international consumer behavior.

The buying and selling goods and services has been Deniz’s passion for his entire life. He started an online business in Germany in his 20s and contracted with manufacturing facilities in China reaching $1 million in sales within six months. He relocated to Hong Kong and setup a joint venture factory with a Chinese partner and started manufacturing his own products eventually reaching annual revenues of $15 million with exports worldwide. 

Most recently, Deniz has founded, the world’s first online procurement tool that identifies best-performing products with profit margin information. His web application includes data mining of profitability ratios and the ability to match buyers with the right suppliers. Mr. Subasi also has a passion for helping others start their own businesses; he provides one on one expert consulting services as well as shares his knowledge through his ebooks and blogs.

Deniz lives in South Australia with his wife and two children and is completing his master’s degree in MBA at the University of South Australia.

Deniz is a member of following professional associations:

The Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS)

Institute of Analytics Professionals of Australia (IAPA)